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Biden Shuts Down Bernie Sanders Once Again In Primary Night Marred By Coronavirus

Biden Shuts Down Bernie Sanders Once Again In Primary Night Marred By Coronavirus

by Anders Hagstrom, Daily Caller  |  Published on March 18, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden once again took a majority of delegates in three states that held their presidential primary elections Tuesday night.

Ohio was originally scheduled to hold its primary Tuesday, but Republican Gov. Mike DeWine decided to postpone the vote due to coronavirus. Illinois, Florida, and Arizona each went through with their elections. Biden took roughly 60 percent of the vote in both Florida and Illinois, and also secured a win in Arizona. Florida also sported a boost in voter turnout, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Florida was the biggest prize of the night, accounting for 219 pledged delegates. Illinois counts for 155 and Arizona has 67. The night further solidifies Biden’s already commanding lead in the primary.

Ohio is one of four states to delay its primary during the coronavirus pandemic. Maryland, Kentucky, and Louisiana all followed suit. Several cities and states across the country have taken drastic measures to force social distancing, from banning sit-down restaurants to encouraging residents not to gather in groups greater than 10.

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