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Bret Baier: Talk of Biden blowout on Election Night has died down: ‘The picture has changed’

Bret Baier: Talk of Biden blowout on Election Night has died down: ‘The picture has changed’

by Yael Halon | Fox News  |  Published on November 2, 2020

Political insiders once believed Joe Biden was on course for a blowout victory over President Trump on Election Night, but “the picture has changed” in the waning days of the campaign, Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier said Sunday.

“For Trump supporters, they said they knew this all along, in fact, they say it will be a blowout the other way,” Baier told “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. “I don’t see that picture either, [but] I do see a national race that may have some separation [between Biden and Trump states], if you look at the corners of the country.”

As candidates make their final pitch to the American people, the race in battleground states “is narrowing, and narrowing fast,” the “Special Report” host told Tucker Carlson.

“If you look at 2016 as a template, if you are within the margin of error, Donald Trump has outperformed that, at least in the past,” Baier said, “and there is some indication that it is not going to be different. They are already seeing some movement in Florida.”

If Trump carries Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona, the fate of his reelection bid will come down to Pennsylvania, the “Special Report” host explained.

As for the sudden movement in the polls, Baier said it could be attributed to Trump’s recent “barnstorming and whipping up the vote,” coupled with a recognition among voters that this election represents “a binary choice.”

” This is not just ‘we hate Donald Trump,’ this — you go in and you make a choice,” he explained. “Either you choose the Trump administration or Biden and Harris.

“When you get to that choice, it’s not just a referendum on the guy that half the country does not like. I think Donald Trump has done an interesting job focusing on the economy. And I think Joe Biden, if you look where he’s going, is trying to shore up some of that vote.”

As for the 92 million voters who have already cast their ballots, Baier said the question remains whether Trump can “meet the numbers to overcome the Biden early advantage.”

However, he added, “Some of those early advantage states really did not turn out as big as Democrats hoped.”

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