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Dan Bongino ‘relieved’ mass on lungs not another tumor after finishing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Dan Bongino ‘relieved’ mass on lungs not another tumor after finishing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma

by Haley Victory Smith | Washington Examiner  |  Published on March 9, 2021

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino says a mass that was detected on his lungs is not a tumor just a month after completing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After Fox News host Sean Hannity teased the good news on his show Monday evening, the 46-year-old Bongino told the Washington Examiner that he was “relieved” to hear the news.

“I had a mass in one of my lungs that was detected just weeks after completing treatment for my Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” he said. “After some imaging, it looks like some scarring and doesn’t appear to be another tumor. I’m relieved.”

The former Secret Service agent added: “I have some follow-up testing in early May to make sure there are no additional hot spots. Hoping for the best.”

Bongino, who is a father and husband, has kept his large following up to speed on his health ever since announcing that a tumor was found on his neck in September. After successful surgery to remove the tumor, Bongino revealed on his radio show in October that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

“I do have cancer, and that is hard for me to say,” he said. “But we’ll be OK, and I am optimistic. That’s not some act I’m putting on for the show.”

Bongino revealed that he finished treatment, which involved chemotherapy, in February. “It was a tough road. It’s all over. I hope,” he posted to Instagram at the time.

Bongino was a guest on Hannity’s Fox News show on Monday, and the host joyfully announced that Bongino had a “clean bill of health.” He introduced the conservative commentator as a “healthy Dan Bongino,” asking, “Am I allowed to talk about this?”

Bongino emphatically responded, “Yes!”

“Dan, obviously, you’ve been very public about some health struggles. He’s gotten a clean bill of health. I couldn’t be happier for my friend, my fellow warrior. And thank you, God, that you’re OK.”

“Thank you,” Bongino replied. “Notice I’m smiling tonight. I’m all happy. I feel good. So back to your show.”

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