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Democrats pick challenger for Jim Jordan

Democrats pick challenger for Jim Jordan

by Rick Rouan, Columbus Dispatch  |  Published on April 29, 2020

Three central Ohio congressional incumbents are moving onto the general election, while one is still waiting for results in her district.

Republican Reps. Steve Stivers and Troy Balderson easily defeated their primary challengers, and Rep. Jim Jordan was unopposed in the Republican primary. Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty, whose 3rd Congressional District is fully inside Franklin County, was awaiting results in her race against challenger Morgan Harper.

Stivers and Balderson are still waiting to see who they would face in the general election, but voters have anointed Jordan’s opponent.

The Associated Press determined that Democrat Shannon Freshour won the chance to challenge Jordan, who has emerged in a starring role for Republicans as one of President Donald Trump’s fiercest defenders in Congress, in the duck-shaped 4th Congressional District.

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