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GOP goes for genuine touch with convention eschewing Democrats’ bells and whistles

GOP goes for genuine touch with convention eschewing Democrats’ bells and whistles

by David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner  |  Published on August 25, 2020

Opening night of the Republican convention was simply produced, dedicated to glorifying President Trump, celebrating the country, and denouncing the Democrats, a contrast with the slickly presented Democratic convention.

Where Democrats broadcast a telecast of sharply directed video vignettes and soaring musical interludes, the Republican convention kept it simple.

Through a series of live and prerecorded speeches, a diverse array of prominent Republicans and Trump voters spoke straight to the camera, validating the president’s leadership and warning about the danger of a Biden administration with sharp messages tailor-made to remind the conservative base what is at stake on Nov. 3.

“The Democrats have brought us nothing but destruction,” said Mark McCloskey, who, along with his wife, gained national notoriety after brandishing a weapon outside of his St. Louis home during a protest. Night One of the Republican convention, which went virtual on the fly after the coronavirus made holding a traditional gathering untenable, featured a host of people like the McCloskeys.

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