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Louisiana coronavirus stay-at-home order ‘may well have to be extended’, John Bel Edwards says

Louisiana coronavirus stay-at-home order ‘may well have to be extended’, John Bel Edwards says

by EMMA DISCHER | NOLA  |  Published on March 30, 2020

It’s very possible that the stay-at-home order for Louisiana will be extended past April 13 as the number of known coronavirus cases and deaths continue to increase.

In a joint press conference between Governor John Bel Edwards and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Edwards said the current order “may well have to be extended.”

“As you know, my stay at home order is scheduled to end on April 13th,” Edwards said. “I do want people to know that based on facts on the ground as we get close to that date we will determine whether to extend that date. Right now, I can tell you it may well have to be extended beyond April 13th.”

All Louisiana residents have been asked to stay home until April 13 except for essential trips, including grocery shopping.

As of Sunday, there are 3,540 known coronavirus cases in Louisiana and there have been 151 known coronavirus-related deaths.

Louisiana is the second in the country for per capita deaths and third in the country for per capita cases.

There was a comparatively smaller increase in case numbers on Sunday, but Edwards said that’s partially based on a smaller number of tests.

“You may be feeling a little bit better today because the new cases in the last 24 hours are smaller than the previous 24 hours,” Edwards said. “Understand there were fewer tests that were administered as well. So nobody should rest too easy, although I am personally anxious to see real evidence that we are flattening the curve.”

Cantrell said Louisiana is living in “serious times and definitely a crisis” and citizens need “law and order.”

“The number of cases in the city of New Orleans are growing,” Cantrell said. “We do not know where the curve is, therefore at this time we need you to stay at home. We need you to only come out seeking the essentials you need on a daily basis.”

When asked about citizens who are ignoring the stay-at-home order, Edwards called it selfish.

“We need to be good neighbors right now,” Edwards said. “… Being a good neighbors means you’re not going to have contact. … To go out and to continue to live as if everything is normal really is a type of selfishness right now and we’re better than that.”

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of starting a Saturday second line and refusing to stop it when police approached him.

The New Orleans Police Department also said it issued a summons to the leader of the second-line band and could arrest more people as the investigation continues.

In New Orleans, Cantrell said police will enforce the mandates as necessary.

“We can do this,” Cantrell said. “We know that we’re going to get through this, but how we get through it depends on how we respond to the mandates right now.”

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