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NC governor caught on hot mic telling Biden they’ll drag Cal Cunningham ‘across the line’ after scandal

NC governor caught on hot mic telling Biden they’ll drag Cal Cunningham ‘across the line’ after scandal

by Evie Fordham | Fox News  |  Published on October 21, 2020

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper appeared to call Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s scandal “frustrating,” but predicted his campaign would “get across the line” during a conversation with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that was caught on a hot mic on Monday.

“Thanks for coming out, you didn’t have to do this,” Biden told Cooper, a Democrat.

“No, I wanted to, I wanted to express my strong support for you, and I think we’re all going to get across the line,” Cooper said. “I think Cal’s going to get across the line, too.”

“I know that’s frustrating, but we’ll get it across,” Cooper added.

Biden campaigned in Raleigh, N.C., on Monday.

“Cal Cunningham’s sex scandal is dragging down Democrats statewide and it’s no wonder that Roy Cooper called Cunningham’s misconduct ‘frustrating’ and that Biden wasn’t campaigning with him,” North Carolina GOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton said in a statement in response to the hot mic conversation. “Members of Cunningham’s own party are distancing themselves from him because they know his affair has exposed his campaign as one big lie.”

News of Cunningham’s inappropriate behavior emerged in early October, when conservative website National File published texts between Cunningham and California woman Arlene Guzman Todd that were sexual in nature. His campaign confirmed the texts earlier this month.

Since then, Cunningham’s campaign has tried to push past the controversy and paint the Democrat, a married father of two, as the only candidate who will protect North Carolinians’ health care.

Fox News’ inquiry to the Cooper campaign was not immediately returned.

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