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States, teachers unions resist Trump’s call to arm educators

President Trump’s call to arm more qualified teachers is going nowhere fast with the states and with teachers unions, although some individual teachers support the idea.

A mini-lecture that Mr. Trump received Monday from Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee at the White House was typical of the broad pushback against his idea of putting more guns in the hands of trained adults in schools.

“I have listened to the people who would be affected by that, I have listened to the biology teachers, and they don’t want to do that at any percentage,” Mr. Inslee told the president at a meeting of governors from across the nation. “I have listened to the 1st grade teachers that don’t want to be pistol-packing 1st grade teachers, I have listened to law enforcement who have said they don’t want to have to train teachers as law enforcement agents.”

Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, whose state was the scene of the high school massacre on Feb. 14 that left 17 dead, also rejects the idea of arming more school personnel. While Mr. Trump has said he’ll leave the decision up to states — few, if any governors from states that don’t currently allow adults to carry guns in schools, are embracing such a move.

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