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Top Ohio official tweets inaccurate mail-in voting deadline

Top Ohio official tweets inaccurate mail-in voting deadline

by AP  |  Published on November 3, 2020

Ohio’s attorney general tweeted erroneously Monday that voters had until Tuesday to mail their absentee ballots, when Monday was actually the last day to vote by mail.

Republican Attorney General Dave Yost’s mistake prompted rebukes from Democrats and others and a correction of the record by the state’s elections chief.

Yost deleted the tweet about 45 minutes after it was posted, clarifying that absentee ballots were required to be mailed by Monday. But his second post both repeated the wrong information and included a typo – drawing a reply from the Ohio Democratic Party of “Dave, are you OK?”

Others criticized Yost for confusing voters on the eve of Tuesday’s historic presidential election, in which Ohio appeared to be a toss-up between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a fellow Republican, followed up with a forceful correction of Yost, though he didn’t name names.

“Attention Ohio voters: If you’re still holding onto your absentee ballot it must be postmarked TODAY (Monday) or personally delivered to your county Board of Election by 7:30 p.m. tomorrow,” he tweeted. “DO NOT MAIL your absentee ballot on Election Day!”

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